Announcing Rewatch’s $2 million in funding

We believe that video is the most undervalued source of knowledge in every company. While every company runs on video these days, it's near impossible to search any of it, link to it for reference, or collaborate on it with your team.

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When Scott and I began this journey in February 2020, we started with the fundamental belief that video is the most undervalued source of knowledge in every company. While every company runs on video these days, it’s near impossible to search any of it, link to it for reference, or collaborate on it with your team.

During our years working at GitHub, both Scott and I experienced their unique workflows and internal tooling around videos and saw firsthand how foundational video is at building shared understanding and connection at a remote company.

That’s why we set out to build Rewatch, the system of record for all of your company’s internal videos. The goal is simple–to make sure that every meeting, all-hands, product demo, and customer interview is organized and automatically transcribed so you can search all the spoken content across every video and collaborate around the knowledge trapped inside.

Fast forward a few months and several lock-downs later, the need for Rewatch is clearer than ever. So today we’re happy to take Rewatch into 2021 and announce our $2M round of funding that will help us continue making this vision a reality.

We’re especially excited about the group of investors we’re lucky enough to bring together. The round is led by Semil Shah from Haystack with participation from Kent Goldman at Upside Partnership plus several other investors including Sahil Lavingia (CEO, Gumroad), Jason Warner (CTO, GitHub), and Jason Smeale (SVP of Engineering, Zendesk) among others. These investors and our amazing customers got us through this past year and we can’t wait to continue building something great in 2021.

2020 wasn’t all bad…

Okay, it was pretty terrible but despite all of it, I thought I’d give a quick recap of some of the great features we were able to ship:

Every video transcribed and searchable

The biggest issue with video is that it’s too hard to find what you’re looking for inside hours of video. We solved that by making sure every video is automatically transcribed so the content is readable and searchable by your team. This also allows you to search inside your videos so you can quickly find what they’re looking for.

A screenshot showing updated search functionality in Rewatch


We know your team already has a ton of videos spread out everywhere. That’s why we shipped a variety of integrations in 2020. These integrations help you get it all under one roof so you don’t have to keep pointing people shared folders or trying to dig up old chat messages.

Apps that integrate with Rewatch including Zoom, Slack, Google, Google Meet, and Dropbox

  • Zoom: Sync a meeting or webinar ID to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your Zoom calls. You can install the integration from your channel admin settings or the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Google Meets: Sync your meeting recordings to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your video calls.
  • Slack: Send notifications of new videos in Rewatch to any of your team’s Slack channels.
  • Google Drive & Dropbox: Import your video files from your team’s shared folders to make them more discoverable in Rewatch.

Organize any way you want

Upload your company all-hands, town halls, or leadership updates with Rewatch and make them available in one place. You can also create nested collections and build out a hierarchy of organization for your videos. Simple breadcrumb navigation is created automatically so you can quickly browse your team’s library of video content.

A screenshot showing nested collections in Rewatch

Collaborate directly on the transcript

We’ve designed our commenting system to allow you to more easily follow along and collaborate directly on a video’s transcript. You can also reply to comments to have clearer conversations and, of course, emoji and @mentions are readily available.

A screenshot showing comments in a Rewatch video transcript


Every video comes with its own analytics page that gives you insight into what parts of your video are being watched and the average amount of time people spend watching. These insights help you understand what’s resonating with your team and what you should focus on.

A screenshot showing video analytics in Rewatch


We also shipped features for all those administrators that end up managing Rewatch for their teams. No one loves managing new tools so we looked for ways to make it easier for you.

Our SAML integration with Okta allows you to more easily manage access to your channel by allowing your team to log in through your existing, secure SSO provider. The integration uses Just-in-Time provisioning so each new member of your channel will have their account provisioned when they sign in for the first time. Learn more →

We also shipped the ability for Admins to enable SCIM provisioning in their SAML settings. Learn more →

Bulk actions was another feature many customers requested and we were happy to deliver. Now you have more control and you can update the visibility and add collections to multiple videos at once.

A screenshot showing bulk actions in Rewatch

We can’t wait to show you what’s to come. If you’re interested, we post regular changelog updates to our blog so you can always stay up to date with everything we’re shipping.

Also, if you want to help us ship more great features in 2021, we’re hiring! Reach out to us if you’re interested in helping us shape the future of how teams work.

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