April 5, 2023

Search and Navigation Updates

Jump menu

We’ve added a new jump menu that allows you to navigate our app easily. You can open the menu from anywhere using the keyboard shortcut ⌘+J (or CTRL+J on Windows).

You can see your recent searches and recently visited locations from the jump menu, or jump to teammates, collections, or tags. Plus, you can start a new search without leaving your current page.

Improved filtering

  • Refine your search with tabs
    You can now filter search results using tabs, making finding what you’re looking for even easier.
  • Better filters for video search results
    You can use multiple participant and collection filters when searching for videos, which helps you quickly find meetings where participants overlap.
  • Add a group as a participant filter
    Need to find all of the videos by the sales team? No problem! You can even apply a group as a filter.

Comment searching

Lastly, we’ve added the ability to search across comments, making it easier to find conversations related to specific topics.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added a click-to-copy button for AI summaries
  • AI summary optimizations and improvements
  • Added the ability to download a plain text version of the transcript for videos and clips
  • Updated the design of the embedded player
  • Enabled ability to copy thumbnail links for clips
  • Meetings page now shows auto-record settings, and recording status updates
  • Meeting bot improvements and fixes
  • Improved video page scrolling performance
  • Improved transcript controls for guests
  • Fixed an issue where creating a highlight on a clip was not showing the snippet in the slack integration.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to manage the transcripts would sometimes result in an error
  • Fixed an issue where long video titles weren't wrapping when being edited
  • Fixed a bug in the synced meetings filter that was causing non-synced meetings to display
  • Fixed an issue where video attachments weren't being shown after save.
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for grid items & avatars
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for the video player
  • Improved the accessibility of the app sidebar
  • Improved accessibility of the play highlight button
  • Improved the accessibility of dialog modals